Voice over IP

A Voice over IP (VoIP) system is a complete communication solution for your business. Whether you are looking to lower costs, take advantage of productivity features or enjoy the functionality of a large corporate phone system, Vo IP is the answer. Voice over IP can reduce your combined data and phone expense by 20-40%. In addition, VoIP can make it easier to maintain your phone system and make managing multiple office locations much easier.

With a Voice over IP system you can:
Take advantage of simple pricing and incorporate additional features as needed
Eliminate maintenance and upgrade expenses with a hosted solution
Leverage a phone system that easily grows with your business
Focus on your business rather than your phone system
Make a low capital investment and enjoy predictable monthly expenses
Future-proof your phone system

You can enjoy predictable communications bills
The service is priced on a per-telephone line basis and includes the following:
Local telephone number
Unlimited inbound, local and domestic long-distance calls
911 calling support
Outlook and browser toolbar integration for click-to-dial capabilities
One hunt group per end user
One auto attendant per customer/company
Disaster recovery
Simultaneous ring
Remote office
Call forward busy
Voicemail to email integration

Ensure optimal quality
To ensure high quality and satisfaction we provide:
A comprehensive station review and network assessment that optimizes your network before your first call is placed
Quality, certified equipment installed with tested configurations known to deliver end-to-end results
Proactive, real-time monitoring to continuously track quality and performance