Technical support

Your IT needs aren’t just the same as every other company. Heck, they aren’t even necessarily going to be the same tomorrow as they are today! They change as you grow and as technology advances. With that in mind, we offer several ways for you to take advantage of our services, which can shift as your needs do:

  • Do you have full-time IT staff but need to add a part-time person?
  • Do you have permanent IT staff that do a fabulous job but occasionally need next-level support on a particularly tough troubleshooting problem or project implementation?
  • Do you have awesome permanent IT staff that need backup when they’re on vacation, need to take sick leave or are overly busy and need an extra technical hand?
  • Do you already have an “IT guy” who you’re happy with but who isn’t always available right when you need him (because he takes care of you on the side but has a day job)?
  • Do you like the idea of having a technician come in for a few hours weekly so you can get your technology in shape and then keep it that way?
  • Do you just want someone with IT expertise who you can call on for a few hours of support when you’re having IT issues?

Right! We can do that.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and flexible. It actually comes with the IT territory, you know?

Call or email to tell us what style of IT support you seek:
(512) 560-4064