Are you concerned about your data? How about your client data? Of course, you know you need to be a responsible custodian of both, but what does that really mean?

Are there industry-specific compliance requirements that your network doesn’t yet meet? And where do you start with that kind of project?

VelocityStorm realizes that business security involves many varied and complex facets. And you know what? We love that! We enjoy the process of helping guide businesses through that complexity and making their data more secure. Let us help secure your network, servers and desktops and then train your people to protect your investments.

We follow the security model advocated by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. This says that security involves 10 domains and that each should be reviewed and addressed. These security domains are:

  1. Access control
  2. Telecommunications and network security
  3. Information security governance and risk management
  4. Software development security
  5. Cryptography
  6. Security architecture and design
  7. Operations security
  8. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  9. Legal, regulations, investigations and compliance
  10. Physical (environmental) security

Security remediation and security incident response services

Whether you have a virus or other malware on one computer, several or all of them, VelocityStorm can help you recover from that security incident and get back on track. And whether the problem stems from malware or a hacker, we have ways of dealing with them. What if your email has suddenly stopped flowing because you have been blacklisted? We work to resolve the blacklisting issues, remove computers that have become part of a botnet and recover compromised systems. Then we help you put together a plan to avoid such incidents in the future.

Security assessment

Do you want to know how your security measures up? Are you curious if your people are adequately trained? Are you concerned that your systems may have vulnerabilities? Well then, let’s get you some answers to those questions!
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