Sales consulting

How many businesses these days sell a product or service that doesn’t have some technical component to it? We can’t think of (m)any! And so often it’s that part of the sales conversation that stalls the process of closing the sale.

Let’s say…

  • You need help designing a solution (or part of the solution)  for your customer.
  • You need sales support to address network, connectivity or data security issues.
  • You need to test or validate your system design.
  • You need to find the other systems that will make your solution really sing for your customer.
  • You need someone who can help bridge the gap between the technical and the business requirements…who can explain what things mean to the technical and business users.

You need a sales wingman! VelocityStorm can help you design, develop and/or implement the ideal system for you or your customer. Or just help your customer understand the brilliance of your solution.

So take us along on your next technically challenging sales call and listen to how the conversation changes.
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