Network support in Austin, TX

In our experience technology makes life easier right up until the moment it makes life harder. Isn’t that about right?

Unfortunately, we’re not here to tell you that your technology can be problem-free. What we are telling you is that it doesn’t have to hurt as much as it has been. To ease that pain you need a technology partner that specializes in helping your businesses succeed by focusing on your technology so you can focus on the rest.

How does VelocityStorm do this? We’re fast. We’re flexible. We love to troubleshoot. And we’ll go the extra mile to secure your network, protect your data and support your business-critical systems.

Our experience runs deep. We have provided IT desktop services and network support, as well as set up and managed the infrastructure, for many companies. And our experience isn’t only technical—we’re business people, like you. We understand what it means to have to make everything work together.

We have very happy clients because we get in there, roll up our sleeves and become a part of their team. In short order we know their systems so well that they don’t have to worry about the technology side of their business like they did before we came along.

Get IT support as you need it

Whether you need a few hours of support per month, occasionally want assistance for your internal IT manager or feel more comfortable knowing that if your regular IT consultant is unavailable you have backup, we are ready to step in and assist you when you need it.

Manage your business rather than your technology

Let us apply our expertise to your technical issues so that you can eliminate that headache and focus on running your business. We proactively monitor and maintain your network to minimize your downtime and increase your productivity.

Keep your data safe and secure

One of your greatest business assets is the data you have created and accumulated over the years. Ranging from customer contact information, to your financial records to details of your latest inventory, your data is vital to your success. Many people don’t realize just how easy it is to lose or corrupt their data—or how much they depend upon it—until it’s been compromised.