Data Protection

VelocityStorm data protection services help lower your risk and secure your critical company data. We can help backup your data locally as well as offsite, so it’s secure and recoverable.

Regular, documented and tested backups are the keys to reliable data protection. VelocityStorm will work with you to evaluate your data protection needs and then formulate a methodology that suits your company and your data. We believe that every small business owes it to their customers as well as themselves to take this simple and low-cost step to protect valuable and potentially sensitive information.

Our services include:

Hassle-free local backup for the fastest way to recover files
Automatic backup of all data and applications, including Exchange, SQL and other open files
Fast file restoration process
24/7 monitoring for NAS-based solutions
24-hour recovery of your entire data environment in the case of a fire, natural disaster or theft
Next-day data server replacement, when needed, to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible
Extremely high security with data encrypted at the source, in transit and in storage

Don’t risk losing your data. Contact us now to get a data backup solution in place.